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Custom Accommodative / Functional Orthotics

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Custom orthotics are a combination of art and science. Depending on what you're suffering from, solving your problems relies on biomechanics, the causation, and your lifestyle.

Guaranteed for 3 Years, Built for 5

Free Adjustments (*not available for shipping)

The total *cost for your custom orthotics will be $495. $345 for the pair and $150 for the positive plaster model and foot impression fee. Plantar Pressure Mapping Service added for In-office customers (free of charge).

In-Office Customers: You will receive a foot impression professionally performed by our Board Certified Pedorthist and a positive plaster model of your feet adjusted to form the optimal performance and accommodating orthotic. The positive plaster model is yours to keep for future orthotics and will eliminate the cost of having to get another foot impression and plaster foot model. Plantar Pressure Mapping Service added for In-office customers (free of charge).

We realize that some may not be capable of coming in to get the impression done, so we've updated our service and now provide shipping.

DIY We'll Ship it: We'll ship the impression box to you with detailed instructions and an in-depth questionnaire and return label. Just ship them back and in about 1-2 weeks our Pedorthist will have your beautifully handcrafted custom accommodative orthotics and plaster foot models shipped directly to your door 


We offer a plethora of options for our custom orthoses and have included some examples of previosly crafted orthoses in the image section. Each orthosis is made uniquely for our patients and options range from soft and forgiving multi-layer cork "shell" with a luxurious navy suede leather top cover, to a rigid polyethylene "shell" with a red camouflage top cover, to a super-thin dress "shell" with a pressure relief metatarsal pad lined with sparkly vinyl. The options are limitless. Our Pedorthist will build your custom orthotics around you, your lifestyle, and the issues affecting your lower extremities and back.


Already have an existing foot mold? No Problem! We can use your existing foot molds to fabricate your new orthoses and we'll waive the $150 fee for the positive plaster model and foot impression bringing your total to $345!!!


*Shipping costs and tax not included