Meet The #TMFam

Tenni-Moc's has been family owned and operated since 1962. Our store has changed and expanded over the years, and so has our team... it's still all in the family!!

Let's meet the team!




My grandfather opened Tenni-Moc's shoe store in 1962 to bring his friends and family properly fitted shoes. I started working in the store at 13 but wasn’t even allowed to touch a customer till I was 16. I spent my Saturdays immersing myself in any knowledge he had and the story he told. While spending time with my grandfather was the main reason I started working, turns out I’m not half bad with customers. After a very brief stint at CSULB, my grandfather and I decided to open a new store together on Spring St. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away a lot sooner then we all thought and my mother took over as co-owner. We spent 12 years on Spring St attempting to keep our heads above water, me being a dumb 20-year-old and mom a retired teacher, it was hard, to say the least. And finally, a break! Our new unit on spring street is our most modern, biggest, best, “good looking”-est location yet! And I can’t wait for what’s to come! This is what I love doing!

When I realized that I’ve been doing this for over half my life, I really had to take a step back and ask if this is my passion. Being accommodative to a person that is really willing to listen and be helped is what I enjoy about working here. I love helping. I love being able to save my customers money with adjustments to shoes that aren’t taught anymore. I love fixing a problem that no other store would fix. I love seeing my customers coming back for years to come. I love the bonds we build and the community that has become my friends. And oh the stories I could tell!! Ok here’s one...

Since working here I have accumulated many, many shoes (but I do donate or throw out the worn out ones!!) My favorite shoe at Tenni-Moc’s is the Dansko Professional. They’ve never let me down, whenever I know I'm going to have a tough day- they are my go-tos, my tried and trues. They’re so comfortable I leave em on when I get home to cook and chase my kids around.




I am originally from Indiana and I moved to California in 2012. It was never something I planned on doing but the cards fell into place and I decided to take a leap. It has been an amazing ride and I am so grateful for the family I have out here. After being welcomed by my cousin, and a few years of acclimating, I felt truly at home. I met Alex through my cousins who are originally from here. After Alex and my cousin Matt married, they opened Mattalou. I felt right at home there as well, and I attended pop-ups and spent a lot of time with our sister company. Around 4 years ago I started working at Tenni-Moc's, and it has been a great experience. Prior to working at Tenni-Moc's, I worked for 12 years in Logistics at various companies. From working in the warehouse in various departments to the office in various positions I gained a lot of experience. When Alex asked me to join her team I was so excited. The experience has been wonderful.

I thoroughly enjoy making people smile, helping people and learning new things. Which has been exactly what working here has been for me. Finding the right products for our customers and helping others with their comfort and health is an amazing feeling. We have customers come into Tenni-Moc's with pain and discomfort and I can sit with them and help them leave with a smile and the assurance that we helped. Having a customer leave with a new lease on life is just wonderful. It's amazing to know that our returning customers come to see us because they trust our knowledge and that we can help them find a shoe that works for their events or daily lives.

My favorite shoes are just about anything in the Dansko line. The Professional Clog is something I wear multiple times a week. It’s so comfortable and really helps me get through being in my feet all day.



Matt Photo

I’m the father to two awesome kids and husband to a phenomenally intelligent and beautiful wife. Born and raised in So Cal, the majority of my time has been spent here in LB. I enjoy time with the fam. When I find the time, paint-balling and playing music are my go-to hobbies… in reality video games are 9.5/10 my go-to. In 2010 I suffered a permanent injury to the lumbar spine L-2 - S-1 and have made several transitions in life and now I'm able to help others in need of pain relief and help getting back on their feet (no pun intended). Here are all my qualifications and education background:
Graduated from Woodrow Wilson High
Oklahoma State University’s Francis Tuttle NCOPE Pedorthics Graduate.
Board Certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABCOP).
American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Allied Health Professional Member
California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) Allied Health Professional Member
American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) Member
Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA) Member.
Lower Extremity Review (LER) Member.
American Diabetes Association (ADA) Member.
National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA) Member.
United Shoe Retailers Association (USRA) Member.



Son of the owner and pro inventory taker. At the time of writing this, I’m heading for high school at Millikan. I’ve been at Tenni-Moc's since I was a wee little lad, and some of my best memories were made here. I am happy to finally contribute a little to the store I’ve been at most of my life and even make some cash on the side. I’m not gonna lie, my mom’s got something good going on with this shoe biz. Consider making some memories with the TM Fam like I have in my past. Show some love for So Cal and local businesses!



Hello, my name is Kira and I am a SoCal transplant. I grew up in Indianapolis, IN and decided to move to SoCal in May 2019 after my undergrad graduation. Soon after I moved here my Dad took me to Tenni-Moc’s Shoe Store and Alex and I hit it off and the rest is history. My job consists of doing all the marketing for the store, essentially Social Media, Emails, and Text Advertising. Which is why you all may not know who I am. A little about myself is that I am an avid baker and have dreams of owning my own bakery. I am also getting my Master’s in Marketing Analytics at CSULB, I graduate August of 2022. If you ever see me in stores do not be afraid to say hi (I am very friendly) and there is a good chance I am wearing my favorite pair of Birkenstocks from Tenni-Moc’s Shoe Store! 


Hey! My name is Spencer and I'm new to working at Tenni-Moc's. My family and I have been buying our shoes here for years.  In between my classes at CSULB, I like to spend my free time walking, baking, or playing tennis.  Since all of my favorite hobbies have me on my feet, having a good pair of shoes has always been a priority.  Now that I’m a part of the team at Tenni-Moc, I hope I can help you the same way they’ve helped me.