Thorlo Socks

Founded in the early 1980's in North Carolina, Thorlos is a family-owned technical performance sock company for women, men and kids.

At Thorlos, our passion is being the best in the world at foot protection and our purpose is to be Caretakers of the World’s Feet.

We know that millions of people’s feet are hurting but that no two feet are the same; therefore, we take the time necessary to understand your individual situation so that we can be a true partner with you in finding the right foot protection solution.

Thorlos brand experience is built on designing products for all types of athletes who may or may not be suffering from foot problems.

Our commitment in craftsmanship is how we have built our quality, value and the benefit of being better.

We take pride in making the best products and we care about the people who wear them, as well as the people who make them.