Medi USA


Who is medi®?

medi® is committed to helping people all around the world live more independent, productive, and satisfying lives while managing their circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues. medi takes its position as a global leader in medical compression and orthopedics seriously by investing in research, education, and innovation by providing the latest technologies and enabling our patients to not only manage their challenges but to enjoy life to its fullest. “I feel better” is a statement of our commitment to our customers, clinicians, and patients to deliver upon our promises of unparalleled service, educational support, and healthy outcomes in the clinical segments we participate.

medi customers and partners are at the center of our day-to-day work. We want partners to be believers in our products and highly satisfied with their daily interactions with medi. As a leader in our industries, we will continue to fulfill our fundamental social responsibilities, and we look forward to accomplishing our goals with our partners and customers!


Proud of our German roots

In 1951, Wolfgang Weihermüller crossed the “Green Border” near Rudolphstein. In his backpack, he transported components of a valuable knitting machine. Arriving in Bayreuth, he laid the foundation for the internationally successful company medi with this knitting machine.

Wolfgang Weihermüller’s courage to leave the former GDR and take production machines with him could have cost him his freedom. But his urge to leave was greater. Thus, he brought the knowledge he acquired in the parental company in Pausa, Saxony, in the production of stockings and bodices to the Federal Republic of Germany. Together, with his cousin Günter Voigtmann, he founded the company WeCo.

The seed capital consisted of three knitting machines and the expertise in rubber knitting. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, both men started the production of medical “rubber stockings” in a former Bayreuth dance hall.

Challenging current issues was and still is medi’s motto. WeCo revolutionized compression therapy with the first seamless, highly elastic mediven stocking, bringing the first transparent compression stockings to the market in 1975.