DaniPro Nail Polish

Over nearly three decades of treating patients, I listened closely to all the questions I was being asked and decided I really wanted to help come up with a preventative solution to these issues.

Here’s how daniPro is different from other nail polishes. First, the formula is innovative – it contains Undecylinic Acid* as well B7 (Biotin), Vitamin E and Vitamin A which help strengthen nails. It is also completely free of any damaging chemicals and daniPro has never been tested on animals. All of this results in a 100% toxin-free nail polish collection featuring a Clear Basecoat, an assortment of 20 colors plus a super quick-drying Topcoat.

Ultimately, I created daniPro to provide a more health conscious manicure or pedicure at the nail salon or from the comfort of home.

The name daniPro is inspired by my daughter, Danielle.


Dr. Gary Evans