Coming Soon "KIZIK"

There’s more to life than tying your shoes.

That's what drove us to revolutionize the footwear industry: to make every day easier, for everyone.  It's technology that's life-changing for some and joy-sparking for all.  Who likes tying their shoes, anyway?

For centuries, shoes have stayed more or less the same. We’re here to change all of that. To date, we have dozens of patents and patents pending to our name. We're on a quest to revolutionize the function of shoes and change the future of footwear.

Shoes are a wardrobe essential—nothing expresses style and personality like a fresh pair of kicks! We believe you can have it all. Unapologetic style with the unparalleled convenience of never bending down to tie your shoes or hopping around on one foot to get them on.

Our HandsFree Labs® technology blends right into our shoe design. You’d never know it’s there just by looking. It’s the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality—a beautiful shoe with a special superpower.

We put our shoes through more than 30,000 compression tests to ensure that each time you step in, they spring back as strong as the first. Each shoe is made of the highest-grade, most durable materials, so they live up to our promise to you: making the everyday easier.