Tiare Strappy Elegant Sandal in Silver

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Discover premium comfort with the Tiare Strappy, the most formal style in our Tiare line. This sandal pairs luxurious comfort with a beautifully crafted leather ankle strap, making it the ideal companion for your favorite dress. Whether it's a night out or a stylish day around town, the Tiare Strappy offers versatility and comfort. Inspired by the elegant Tiare flower of Polynesia, it's perfect for all-day wear, blending the best of luxury and comfort. It's the top choice for those seeking stylish, comfortable leather sandals.

Key Features

Luxurious Leather: The Tiare Strappy is fully wrapped in leather and features an elegant, buttery-soft feel, providing maximum comfort and style.

Versatile Strap: The Tiare Strappy features a beautifully crafted leather ankle strap that effortlessly blends elegance with convenience for easy wearing.

Cushioned Toe Post: The toe post includes slight cushioning for added comfort, ensuring a pleasant everyday wearing experience.