#TMFam's Picks for BEST BOOTS

 A note from the owner>> Alright ladies and gents, we picked em, we sold em and we’ve dealt with the returns. Here’s our list of last years’ BEST BOOTS. Each picked by the #TMFam for you guys in the #TMVillage. Thank you everyone for taking the sting out of these last couple years, without you- we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing. Remember- save the last dance for Sam! ❤️ Alex


Alyssa's Pick: Surprise, surprise, I am picking a Dansko. The Dori is beautiful leather with a classy and versatile look. Not only is the Dori and knock out beauty but it fantastic for the rain and colder weather. It was a dream to have in 2021 with all the rain we ended up with. I was so grateful to have it in my shoe wardrobe. Being able to stay warm and dry and still be fashionable is a great feeling.







Alyssa's PickThe Cobb Hill Gratasha V-Cut Boot is my go to boot for everyday wear. I love having a boot that I can wear with my jeans as well as my dresses. With the beautiful multi textured leather and perforated detail, this cutie can go the distance in any outfit and any occasion.





Madi's Pick: Anchor (Earth) → Kick into the new year with these lace up combat boots in a unique tawny brown that will stand out with any outfit. 








Molly's Pick: The Keen Terradora boot is perfect for walks in the woods or for wearing when you want to look like the sort of person who hikes. Regardless of your intentions, it's stylish and ready to hold your foot on the trail or in line at the DMV.





Molly's Pick: The Aravon Rev Stride Arc is as if a comfy tennis shoe and a stylish street boot had a baby. You don’t have to worry about messes with this toddler, it's waterproof! Adopt this boot today, no diapers needed.



 Madi's Pick:Waterlily (L’artiste) →Such a beautiful and unique color with a popped up heel will have you styling on the town as you strut your stuff