Mother's Day Picks

 A note from the owner>> Alright ladies and gents, we picked the best for our moms and your moms. Some of our favorite interactions are when you trust us to help your mom's out. Unlike chain stores- we're here for the long run and want to nourish the relationships we create. Thank you everyone for taking the sting out of these last couple years, without you- we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing. Remember- save the last dance for Sam! ❤️ Alex


Happy Feet photo

💗Alyssa's Pick💗 Mom has had the flowers and the chocolates, maybe this year you can get her something she needs. She works hard 😘 all year keeping the family in order, she’s tired but her feet don’t have to be. Why not give the gift of Happy Toes with our New Happy Feet Toe Separating socks to help her with General foot discomfort or just good old fashioned preventative work. Wearing these a little bit every day helps to promote blood and oxygen flow after a long day is a great way to help mom get some much needed pampering that she can still move around in.




💗Madi's Pick💗: Your mother will appreciate flowers on this special day, so why not help her flaunt those petals every day in the L’artiste Avnia! With a beautiful peep toe, this floral accent will brighten up any outfit! Get your mom some flowers that will last her all year long.




Dansko Marcy Peep Toe
💗Molly's Pick💗: I totally have a human mother with two feet, that’s why this Mother’s day I’m getting her the Marcy Peep Toe Sandal in Black, by Dansko. This sleek dress sandal 👡 makes you look like you’re on your way to play poker in the latest Oceans movie, sat between George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It displaces your weight so well, you wouldn’t even know this thing had height if you were cursed to never be able to look at your feet. Give mom the gift of confidence this year🥰, no promises about next year.






💗Alex's Pick💗 My mother has bum knees, I have always focused on getting her into pressure relief shoes because of her myriad of other problems like bunions and hammer toes. Like all good things, that endeavor came to an end and she finally got in line for knee surgery. While she was in “line”, as COVID protocol was loosening up, I had to put her in something that didn't cripple her. Oh, she also wouldn't give up her walking routine- she's a gem 😘 really- 10 miles a day, at least. To be honest you’ve probably seen her walking around town with her giant dog and wonky gait. Anyway, I digress, I put her in a Topo! The toe box is very roomy and the heel cup held her SO well, that her knee didn’t have to work so hard. These things have been amazing for guys and gals with knee problems and other moms have enjoyed the light weight qualities and more feminine color options. With COVID came change and with change came new smaller brands that really have a lot to offer, try a Topo for mom and sign up for our email list so you guys don't miss the next Fun Walk with Topo.