The Helpful Hoosier

The Helpful Hoosier

The Helpful Hoosier: Helps Define Seasonal Buying.

Here in Southern California, we live in a bit of a weather bubble. We know that weather happens elsewhere but we don’t have to deal with it, so why can’t we get our sandals all year long? The Helpful Hoosier is here to assist. We are at the mercy of the companies who make our wonderful products so here are some helpful hints to make your buying easier.

Start your Spring and Summer search early in the year. March is ideal for that sandal shopping. Don’t forget to stock up on your summer dress shoes and fun colors for those graduations and weddings you will be attending.

Looking for boots? Begin those purchases in October. Do you want high boots, low boots, leather, or fuzzy? Make sure you are ready so you aren’t missing out on that pair you have been craving.

Knowing when to purchase your seasonal shoes will help to ensure that you will be able to have the proper shoes for the proper seasons.

-The Helpful Hoosier, Alyssa

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