RV Trippin

RV Trippin

So my initial response to “Publish blogs during your Website Relaunch Party…” was, “here’s my vacay pics and suck it” but in typical Alex form, I’m about to over talk it. My vacation was A W E S O M E and NEEDED. I’ve really only taken working vacations for the Shoe Show or time off for giving birth since I started working without my grandfather. Everyone tells me to take a vacation but you see, it’s easier said than done. Without getting into my financial situation, I haven't had a reliable person to take my place on the sales floor(for multiple days) for around 13 years. That being said, the 2 weeks I took off when my son was born in 2008 were delightful and the 8 weeks I took off when my daughter was born in 2016 were harrowing. The sporadic shoe shows in Vegas are always a blast and I ALWAYS want to go. Vegas is my happy place. When I realized July 4th landed in the middle of the week in 2019, I started planning this RV trip that my husband and I promised each other we would one day take. I have about 8 consecutive years of red marker scribbled over the week preceding Independence Day saying ‘DO NOT OPEN THIS WEEK’ and every year I opened, only to be bored, angry, tired and irritable. Bottom line really comes down to, nobody is buying shoes the week before the 4th. They’re leaving for vacation or buying BBQ stuff, sunscreen, bathing suits, hats, chairs, pools, anything really, anything that isn’t shoes. My point being- 4th of July Weekend/ Week is a perfect time to go on vacation because I’m not missing much in terms of business so I don’t have to feel guilty. That being said, I’m like 99% sure we will close for the week of 4th of July from now on because WE EARNED IT. My staff is small, we need probably 2 more people to take the pressure off us, but my point is- we all work multiple jobs in that store and we are constantly firing on all cylinders. So, a literal head change is necessary and welcome by July.

And now, a little about why this holiday is so special, besides America. My husband proposed on the 4th of July! We also had plans to be married on a 4th of July weekend so we could commingle some firework action, even though that didn't happen we still celebrate our anniversary on every 4th of July. Mostly because we’re obsessed with fireworks but also because our son is usually out of school and since he is such an important part of our marriage we like him to celebrate with us.

Our little RV trip was off the hook! The RV bug bit man! I can’t wait to go again, I’m already planning for a bigger RV and longer trip for next year. I’ve never felt so little pressure, if that makes since, like I’ve never been so relieved, I don’t feel like that at home, I had no idea how good it could feel to literally not be able to work. I was able to work on better communicating with my kids and just let them be loose and wild! If I can be honest, it was the first time in a long time I flat out enjoyed my kids. That's awful to say but you know what, if vacations make me feel as good as that one did, I’m taking more vacations.


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