Meet Kira!

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Meet Kira!

Hello #TMVillage,

My name is Kira Hall and I am the newest member of the Tenni Mocs Shoe Store.  I am excited to be working for Tenni Moc’s shoe store and helping them grow their marketing and social media presence. I was born in Syracuse, New York but raised in Indianapolis, IN. I graduated from Manchester University in Indiana May of 2019 with a B.S. in Marketing and Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Soon after graduation, I decided to move to California.

I am really enjoying living in California and being able to enjoy the sunshine and the beach all year long. So far my favorite part of California is the variety of food that you can get here, you can have a different cuisine every day. 

When I first moved out here my dad took me to Tenni Moc’s Shoe Store because when I walked a lot my foot would hurt.  When I first got to Tenni Moc’s, Alex treated me like family and made sure that I found a shoe that I liked and that will also help my foot pain. This is what I love about Tenni Moc’s Shoe Store, they are customer-focused and they want to make sure that their customers find the right shoes. My goal for Tenni Moc’s Shoe Store is to be able to grow its digital presence and help customers worldwide.  

I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of the Tenni Moc’s Shoe Store Family!

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  • Lynda Young

    Welcome to my very favorite shoe store! These ladies here are the best ever!!! ❤️🤓

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