Alex's Mother's Day Picks and Why... For Mom's that do a-Friggin-lot

Alex's Mother's Day Picks and Why... For Mom's that do a-Friggin-lot

Literally the only shoe that can hold up to the amount of time I work, meals I cook, Aris I chase is a Dansko Professional. I’ll explain more after I lay out my timeline. It’s a pandemic so I’ll keep it accurate to the time…

6:00 am Ari wakes up and demands… everything, I  keep her busy for an hour or so

7:00 am I’m up, I’m dressed, I attempt to wake up the husband, it takes 2 or 10 times or so, I’m chasing Ari around because regardless of how I consistently I’m keeping a schedule she still argues about what to wear

8:00 am I get the pot on, start answering texts and messages from my sister in law who works an opposite shift than me and customers on Facebook, prep lunches, do dishes, throw a muffin at Ari, make sure my 12-year-old is up and ready to get to Google Meets (fortunately he’s already on top of his school work and I just have to bring him breakfast)

9:00 am Kids are done eating, I attempt to plan the day with my husband and drink coffee, Ari has something in her hair so now we’re both trying to brush that out, big kid is done and ready to fill me in on his video games

10.00 am-2:00 pm Hopefully I’m at work and starting appointments, during appointments I’m still answering the phone and servicing curbside orders, after every transaction clean clean clean. When I get a break I start printing shipping labels and packing slips, writing special notes to everyone that has placed online orders because it means so much. I start contacting the orderers to schedule deliveries. Pack up the shipments and take those to Postal Annex, pack up the children and the husband in the Fit and go go go!

3 pm-5 pm We’ve delivered everywhere from Compton to Fullerton, Downtown Long Beach to Huntington Harbor. Our little family appreciates the orders so much. Rest assured, your packages have only been touched by my sanitized and well hands. Niko and Ari talk/ scream the whole time, it’s great, a family of 4… in a Honda… constant sound, fun.

5ish-6ish We’ve been having early dinners, I was not able to adjust my family budget during this so we have been having very late lunches or very early dinners That I prepare on Sundays and Mondays. So I serve that. Ari eats in like 10 minutes and bounces around and makes a fuss until we let her loose. I’ve opted for this route because I don’t really eat if she’s screaming, it winds my stomach up.

6ish KIds make lots of noise for an hour, they’re supposed to be outside but they come back and forth, any computer work or webinars I planned to accomplish are not getting accomplished

730ish shower time, that actually keeps her busy, shower time isn’t that bad except Ari is getting big and I’m already big, this is our singing time but more often it’s become quiet time because when I say they make a lot of noise, they make a lot of noise.

8.00 Aris bedtime!! My favorite time of the day!! Now to get all that work that I planned accomplished, yesssss. Welp that’s out the door. My amazingly patient, smart, gamer 12-year-old boy wants to talk video games, streaming, and memes. You know what kid, you’re putting yourself through 6th grade, you tolerate Ari, I’m all ears.

9 pm I’m tired, I wanna go to bed. Takes me about an hour to wind down, I’m on Pinterest, it’s my fault but anything is better than the drama Facebook and the news changing by the minute

10 pm whole cake, just kidding, but I’m probably still awake

It’s a lot but someone’s gotta do it and the only shoes that hold up 7 am to 7 pm without me having to think twice about them is the Dansko Professional. There are a few reasons for this, Dansko clogs provide a very elongated arch therefore it hits all of my very elongated arch. They also have a very spacious toe box which is perfect for my very long toes. The elevated heel helps take pressure off of my heel, achilles tendon, and improves my posture which turns out, is awful. The sole of a Dansko clog is very rigid which serves as protection from concrete for my very flexible foot. I, and every foot that was related to my grandpas, is predisposed to foot problems. Flexible feet work harder than a structured foot, every step means more ligaments and tendons flex and stretch. That being said flexible feet wear out faster and should have rigid soles to hold them in place to avoid fatigue. If my feet hurt because I chose improper footwear or after Small Business Saturday or something- my go-to is actually the exact opposite. Something highly shock-absorbing, soft with a very high arch is my go-to. Usually an OOFOS OOah with some socks because I’m a big dork. OOFOS provide a proprietary material called OOFOAM that brings healthy blood down to the foot while still being pressure relieving. This means, when my feet hurt from shoes I shouldn’t have picked and I need to stay on my feet to serve and clean up after dinner, I can putz around in these and I’m totally fine and ready for the next day


  • Marianne Appel

    You are a super mom and business woman.You delivered my order. I now don’t want to buy shoes anywhere else. Thank you so much!

  • Marianne Appel

    You are a super mom and business woman.You delivered my order. I now don’t want to buy shoes anywhere else. Thank you so much!

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