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Congratulations! You’ve discovered our unique, 4th generation medical foot care company with products that specialists use and recommend most to their patients. On this page you will discover a bit about our company, what we stand for, and our unwavering commitment to you.

Helping People Live Comfortably, Since 1885

The origins of the PediFix Footcare Company began when our great grandfather Henry Berkemann incorporated his custom comfort shoe shop in Hamburg, Germany in September 1885. He produced custom-made footwear for those who could afford the luxury. When he encountered troubled feet, he created ways to pad, protect, straighten, align, and bring comfort to problem toes, metatarsals, arches, heel and calf pain, skin & nail maladies and more.

This was long before Dr. Scholl was even born in 1905!

He built the Berkemann line and distribution expanding internationally when sons Walter and Hans joined the effort. Two of their children dedicated their lives to the company, Dr. Melitta and Jens Peter, and Roger Case, as the next generation does in the form of Dennis, Christopher, and Jon Case – now the caretakers of this remarkable family business heirloom, dedicated to helping others live comfortably.

Today, PediFix products are distributed worldwide and we employ dozens of people at our Brewster, NY headquarters, all dedicated to making PediFix one of the leading foot care companies in the world today. We partner with Podiatrists, Orthopedists, locally owned retail pharmacies, large chain stores, and major online companies to help bring our products closer to where you live.

Our Mission

Dedicated To Helping People Stand, Walk, Play, Run & Live Comfortably

Our purpose has always been to bring you the best available foot care products so our customers can lead a happy, healthy life free from foot, hip, knee, and lower back pain. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and carefully select the finest materials to bring you unmatched comfort and support. Whether you suffer from Achilles’ tendonitis, Bunions, Corns, Plantar Fasciitis, or just dry skin, we can help!

Our Products

Specialize In Developing & Manufacturing Innovative Foot Care Products

We enlist the help of doctors, dermatologists, physical, occupational, and wound care therapists, foot care nurses, and other medical professionals to develop the world’s best footcare items for you and your family. Our high-performance solutions have helped millions of people ease foot pain, prevent future problems, wear shoes more comfortably and make their feet more attractive. We design our products using old-world craftmanship and source the most reliable, high-quality, material to ensure that you receive the most value and comfort for your money.