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Multi-Density Ultra-Comfortable Diabetic Orthotics - 3 Pack

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*Available in full sizes from a women’s size 5 up to a men’s size 20

The Multi-Density Ultra-Comfortable Diabetic Orthotic has a 6mm durable 45A durometer polyurethane base layer for support with a 4mm ultra-cushioned 15A durometer Poron™ middle layer and a 4mm soft and supple 25A durometer heat-moldable Plastazote top layer that molds to the plantar (bottom) surface of the foot.

Our hugely popular and comfortable Multi-Density Ultra-Comfortable Diabetic Orthotics are designed to ensure total contact with the “plantar” or bottom surface of the foot. Total plantar surface contact is the key for comfort as it ensures even weight distribution, reduces pressure points that can cause pain or discomfort, and greatly reduces friction and shear forces that lead to calluses and dangerous foot ulcers. 

The Multi-Density Diabetic Orthotic is sized to an Extra-Depth 4E Width “last” or shape of shoe, but can also be fitted to some other depth shoes with some easy minor modifications if necessary. To fit the Multi-Density Diabetic Orthotic, remove the insole or liner(s) that come with the shoe and using them as a template, trace around the bottom outside layer of the 3P insert. These trace lines will serve as your trim lines. Use a pair of heavy scissors to trim as necessary. In most cases, the inserts will not need to be trimmed.


  • Layer 1 - a durable base layer for support
  • Layer 2 - a middle layer for bounce
  • Layer 3 - a soft top layer that molds to your foot as you wear the product
  • Heat Mold-ability

Do I have to heat-mold the inserts?
No. The Multi-Density Diabetic Orthotics will mold to the shape of your feet over a short period of time and will be comfortable the instant you start wearing them. They just get more comfortable as time goes on as they mold to the shape of your feet.

- Prevent Discomfort
- Protect Your Feet
- Preserve Your Health