When boldSOCKS started eight years ago, our goal was simple: create a store with the boldest socks from the world’s boldest sock brands. Each year, we scoured the internet, trade shows and fashion shows hoping to add new brands and new styles so that you knew you got the best selection of dress socks and performance socks available on the internet.

That is, until the market was suddenly flooded with low-cost, low-quality designs and knock offs. Everywhere we looked, new brands were popping up with the same unimaginative story and dress sock designs that left much to be desired.

Fun socks hit the mainstream market and a race to the bottom began. Basic, stock icons were being stitched as repeating patterns into socks and our once innovative market now looked cluttered, uninspired and perhaps worst of all, cheap. There was little accountability to create anything but bargain brands and the ideas of fashionable, fun socks that were ethically manufactured or provided a social mission vanished.

The industry changed and it was time to innovate.

So, we started our own brand, Statement Sockwear, in 2014.